Taking a Pet on the Road

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What do I need to know to take auto trips with my pet?

Taking a Pet on the Road

Some pets, particularly dogs, take well to travel. For some animals, any travel is fine as long as they are with their owners. For others, it's a miserable experience, and the pet would be better off being cared for at home. If you want to bring your pet on a journey, whether it's for practical purposes or just for fun, here are some ideas to make things easier on both of you.

-- Get a secure harness and leash several weeks before the trip, and have your pet spend a few minutes wearing it every day, while receiving treats and attention. There's nothing more heartbreaking than a confused and disoriented pet who bolts into unknown territory during a move or trip.

-- Make a special ID tag with your pet's name and your cell phone number, plus the name and number of someone at your destination who can receive calls if your pet gets lost.

-- During the days preceding the journey, make short trips with your pet, preferably in the vehicle you'll use for the trip. Always use the leash and harness while traveling.

-- Train your dog not to bother people (particularly the driver) while the vehicle is moving.



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