What to Bring on a Road Trip with a Pet

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I'm taking a journey with my dog or cat. What do I need to bring?

What to Bring on a Road Trip with a Pet

If you're taking trip with your pet, make sure you have all the necessities:

-- A supply of the animal's favorite food. This is not a time to introduce new foods -- he or she will be much happier with familiar tastes.

-- Bottled water. Pets need to drink regularly, and unfamiliar water may be off-putting to a dog or cat who needs the hydration.

-- Food and water dishes

-- Can opener

-- Pet treats

-- One or two favorite toys or objects

-- Blanket

-- Comb or brush

-- Leash and harness

-- Paper towels

-- Disinfectant/spray deodorant

-- Plastic bag and scoop.

You may also want to bring your pet's rabies certificate and your veterinarian's phone number.



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