Choosing a Freight Shipper

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Which freight shipper should I choose?

Choosing a Freight Shipper

Questions to ask a freight shipper:

-- What licenses do you have to ship freight? (Depending on the state, a carrier may have to have a special license to transport ANY goods for hire.

-- What does your insurance cover? What will happen if my goods become lost or damaged in during freight shipment?

-- What is the delivery schedule for my shipment? (A long delivery schedule may indicate a lack of efficiency.)

-- What is your on-time delivery rate?

-- What is your damage-claims ratio? (This is the percentage of revenue paid out as claims for damaged goods. Some experts suggest an average in the industry is about 1.25%.)

-- What level of tracking service is available while my goods are in transit?

-- What are your requirements for the packing, loading, and unloading of my shipment?



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