Issues with International Freight

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I'm shipping freight into or out of the US. What do I need to know?

Issues with International Freight

Unless you're very familiar with the market, you will probably want to hire a freight forwarder to arrange your shipment. These companies will shop several different carriers to find the most advantageous rate and the fastest delivery.

To get an accurate quote from the freight forwarder, begin by compiling all the information you would put together for a domestic shipment: addresses, phone numbers, weight, dimensions, liftgate requirements, etc.

The forwarder may ask for a "dimensional weight." For an international shipment, multiply the length times the width times the height, then divide the result by 166. (For domestic shipments, divide by 194.)

Be sure to get a telephone quote confirmed by fax or e-mail. Ask the forwarder to include all fuel charges, customs fees,



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