Strategic Truck Loading

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What's the most efficient way to load a truck for a move?

Strategic Truck Loading

Put the heaviest and bulkiest items into the truck first – appliances, large pieces of furniture, mattresses. Use dollies and ramps as much as possible to prevent injuries, and don't try to move big items alone.

After those items are in, the first boxes to be loaded should be the heaviest ones, particularly book boxes. Wardrobe cartons – boxes with a bar inside, like a cardboard closet – are particularly useful for transporting clothes, but be careful not to overload them. The bottoms aren't meant to hold heavy items in addition to the clothes.

Remove drawers from desks and bureaus for loading. After the item is in the truck, put the drawers back and secure them with cords to keep them from moving during transit.

Try to maintain a consistent load height from front to back to minimize shifting of objects during your move.



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