Last Day in the Old Place

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What are some last-minute things I should remember before leaving my old home?

Last Day in the Old Place

Before the movers arrive, set aside special items that you want to have with you during the move, plus items your kids will need during the transition. Secure these things (maybe in a car trunk?) or clearly label them so they don't get loaded into the truck.

Get rid of as much trash as you can before the moving process begins. Inevitably, you will generate some trash during the process; if you can't leave it out for pickup, you may need to leave the moving-day trash with a kind neighbor.

Make things easier for your movers by removing obstacles like plants, hanging items, and floor mats, and keeping your kids and pets out of the way.

Whether you're being moved by pros or friends, it's a good idea to make sure they have food and drinks available. Keep these separate from kitchen stuff that's being moved.

Finally, leave a little extra time to clean your old place on your way out.



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