Smart Unpacking

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What should I unpack first?

Smart Unpacking

It's over! You've moved. Now what?

If you packed sensibly, you should be able to look at your labels and figure out easily what's in each box. You won't have to dig through six boxes labeled "Stuff" to find a can opener. Even if you haven't, though, you can apply some basic organization to your unpacking.

Be sure each box is in the room where its contents will go. Then you can start unpacking basic supplies. Kitchen and bathroom basics should probably come first, followed by bedrooms and living room. Decorating, unpacking fine china, and setting up entertainment systems can come on Day 2 or later if need be.

If you are starting a new job, prepare the day before to make sure proper work clothes and grooming items are available. The first day is no time to be late because you couldn't find socks!



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