Moving Furniture

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What are some tips for moving furniture?

Moving Furniture

Before you move furniture, make sure it fits. A very common problem in furniture moving is the discovery that your beloved sofa, large-screen TV, or other large piece will not fit into your new home, or cannot be moved to the location you prefer.

If possible, bring a tape measure to your new place before moving day, and make a plan with real dimensions. Then you can measure your larger pieces and make sure they will fit where you want them to go.

If your measurements show cause for concern, you may want to sell or give away your couch and start over with a sectional, as they are usually much easier to move.

If you need to squeeze an upholstered piece into a too-small door, it may help to take the door off its hinges and use two pieces of clean cardboard to smooth the journey and protect the door frame.



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