Moving a Piano

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What do I need to know to move a piano?

Moving a Piano

Moving a piano -- particularly an instrument that you play regularly -- is not a job for amateurs. The sheer weight of most pianos, combined with their awkward shapes, makes this a job for a professional piano mover.

As you work with the mover, be absolutely sure that your piano will fit into its new home by the path you plan to use! Even a grand piano can be moved by two or three people with the right equipment and knowledge. Usually, the movers place the instrument on top of a "piano board," then cover it with blankets and secure it to the board with strapping.

Many piano movers prefer to use a crane and hoist to move a piano to or from an upper floor. Moving a piano up or down stairs is very hazardous because of the instrument's weight.

Piano moving is usually not harmful to a piano's tune, but it is very common to find that the temperature and humidity in its new location are different from the ones it's used to. Plan on having your piano tuned a week or two after you move, so that it's had time to settle in.



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