Moving Supplies

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What supplies do I need for my move?

Moving Supplies

-- It is virtually impossible to have too many boxes.

-- It is virtually impossible to have too much padding.

-- It is virtually impossible to have too much packing tape.

Get the picture? Even if your movers are doing the packing, it will be helpful to have some supplies of your own, for those items you need to keep with you during the move, or for valuable things that you don't want to trust to the movers.

Many truck rental companies offer specialty boxes for clothes, dishes, and files. Get your boxes early on, so that you can pack in an organized fashion, with good labels to help you get settled at your new place.

You may need several types of padding -- blankets or foam for furniture, bubble wrap for dishes and breakable items, paper to fill in empty spaces.

Along with your tape, buy a couple of box cutters to make unpacking easier.



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