Shipping Antiques

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What are some guidelines for shipping antiques?

Shipping Antiques

More people are shipping antiques than ever before, mostly because of Internet auction and sales sites that have revolutionized the antiques and collectibles trade.

Naturally, no one wants to receive an antique item that has been broken, scratched, or otherwise damaged during shipping.

A few tips to get started:

-- If you're not sure whether it needs another layer of bubble wrap, it does.

-- Be sure your box is sturdy. Many parcel shippers provide free boxes in popular sizes. If you must reuse a box, be sure it did not originally contain liquor, beer, or corrosive liquids, all of which are illegal to mail. You might get your box returned to you!

-- If you smoke, do not store your shipping supplies in a room where tobacco is used. Some people are sensitive to the smell and may even reject an item that smells like smoke.



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