When to Hire a Professional Packer

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What should I think about in deciding to hire a pro to pack antiques?

When to Hire a Professional Packer

Hiring a professional to pack and crate your antiques is a considerable expense, but worth it in some cases.

The first consideration, of course, is the value of the item. Professional packers are advisable for antiques that are worth a great deal of money, but also for ones that have a great deal of sentimental value. Take a moment to picture the worst. If you would be devastated to get a scratch on Great-Aunt Jane's rolltop desk or the Buddha statue your parents brought from China, then hire a pro.

Second, think about how fragile your antiques really are. Your ancient Roman coins may be valuable, but they're not that easy to damage, and you may be OK packing them carefully yourself. On the other hand, that 1960 purple Stratocaster guitar could get damaged in any number of ways. Call a professional to get it there intact.



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