Antique China and Glass

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How should I pack china, glass, or other fragile items for shipping?

Antique China and Glass

If you are packing fragile pieces for shipment, remember the post office rule: "If you can shake it, we can break it." The following procedure takes time but creates an almost foolproof layer of protection around your valuable items:

-- Wrap the piece in small-bubble wrap. (If it is painted, wrap it in a layer of kraft paper first to protect the finish.)

-- Follow with a layer of large-bubble wrap. You can combine like items, such as bowls, at this stage.

-- Wrap the resulting parcel several times in stretch film, going in at least two different directions.

-- Choose a sturdy box with at least two inches of room on each side of your wrapped parcel. Tape the box bottom with two layers of tape.

-- Fill the bottom with a layer of packing peanuts. Put your wrapped parcel on top, then fill with peanuts from the top. Use only enough peanuts to fill the space -- if you have to push down to get the box shut, remove some peanuts rather than put internal pressure on the box.

-- Seal it with two layers of tape. Label it "Fragile" on more than one side.



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