International Art Shipping

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How do I ship art to another country?

International Art Shipping

If you are shipping art to another person or institution -- for instance, to a museum, gallery, or private buyer -- begin by clarifying responsibilities with the person on the other end. Are they willing, for example, to travel to a warehouse to pick up the item, or will you or your shipping agent need to transport it to the door?

Depending on the value and rarity of your art, you may find it useful to employ an art shipping agent. There are many companies offering this service, from basic crating and packing to full "white glove" treatment with satellite communications and security personnel. Obtain a range of quotes before making your choice.

If you choose to transport your art yourself, be very sure you are aware of all customs and documentation requirements for bring art into your destination country. Failing to follow these can result in your artwork being delayed or seized at the port of entry, or even losing your privilege of importing art into the country.



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