Types of Shipping Boxes

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What types of boxes should I use for shipping?

Types of Shipping Boxes

A box is a box is a box, right? Not necessarily. Using the right box can make a big difference in the ease of packing and unpacking, and in the safety of the items being shipped.

For household moves, wardrobe boxes -- which have a bar inside on which clothes can be hung, closet-style -- can be very convenient. The structure of the box is meant to support the bar, so be sure not to overload the bottom of the box with shoes or heavy items.

Mirror boxes, available at truck rental facilities, can also be used for paintings, while super-sturdy boxes are available for large or heavy shipments.

While many boxes can be reused, avoid shipping in boxes that have been used for liquids. Any spillage in transit will have weakened the box. Be sure to use a permanent marker to hide any bar codes on the box, to avoid confusion in transit.



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