Shipping Collections

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What should I know when shipping my collections?

Shipping Collections

If you collect small objects -- stamps, coins, sports cards, etc. -- sooner or later you will face the question of moving your collection.

One useful invention is the Riker case, first used by butterfly collectors in decades past. These flat cases have protective material inside, and glass in the lid. They are particularly effective if you wish to display small or flat items after transporting them, but have the disadvantage of needing to be packed carefully to protect the glass.

"Top loaders" are clear plastic sleeves of varying sizes which can be used to protect individual items. Small numbers of top loaders can be wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a padded envelope.

For larger shipments, try to find a box that most closely matches the size and shape of the packed shipment. For extra protection, place this inside a larger box with filler in between the two layers.



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