Shipping Large Appliances

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How should I ship large appliances?

Shipping Large Appliances

Before you move a large appliance, be sure to measure and remeasure the appliance and the space to be sure it will fit. Also, measure any doorways through which it will need to pass on its way to its destination. Finally, make sure there is a properly grounded electrical outlet which matches the fittings on the appliance.

Appliances should be well crated before shipping. Be especially careful of glass cooktops. In many cases, it may be preferable to have a professional move and ship such items.

When working with a freight shipper on a large-appliance move, be sure you understand how far they will transport the appliance -- will they leave it on the sidewalk for your mom to wrestle into the house by herself, or will they bring it in and set it up?

Do not allow delivery teams to uncrate and set up appliances without being there yourself. If the appliance appears damaged, refuse the shipment and insist on returning it for an undamaged one.



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