Shipping Bridal Gowns and Other Special Garments

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How can I ship a bridal gown or other valuable clothing?

Shipping Bridal Gowns and Other Special Garments

You found the perfect gown in Chicago, but you're getting married in your hometown in Arkansas. What to do? Fortunately, most salons will ship gowns to out-of-town locations, using a special padded garment bag stuffed with tissue and cardboard.

While this service is much more reliable than trying to pack the gown yourself, it can still result in unwanted creases. Allow a little extra time, and about $100, to have your outfit professionally pressed in the location where you're going to wear it.

If you're shipping vintage or other delicate clothing, be sure it is clean and lint-free before it gets packed. If it needs ironing, give it some time to air out to let any residual moisture dry out before packing.

Be sure to use a waterproof box (many vintage clothing dealers prefer Tyvek boxes), as a wet box can cause inks on the label to run and damage clothing. For maximum protection, particularly for items which are to be stored, obtain an archival box and pack the garment in acid-free tissue paper.



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