Packing Irregularly Shaped Items

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What are some ideas for packing irregularly shaped items?

Packing Irregularly Shaped Items

There are many items around the house that are oddly shaped and can be difficult for shipping. In the world of furniture transport, sofas, tables, big chairs and large bedroom furniture can be difficult to transport. Knowing how to prepare and package those pieces of furniture will help keep your furniture safe during transport.

When shipping furniture, you will save space and gain flexibility by disassembling it whenever possible. The backs of most recliners can be removed, as can the legs of most dining tables.

Shipping one or more tires? You don't need to pack them at all! Just wrap a section with tape to create a flat space for the mailing label and you're good to go.

With most packages, though, shippers will require that your items be encased in a box or crate. This may require some creativity with packing material. Place the label on the flattest part of the package, and avoid using tied-on "flying tags" for labeling.



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