Becoming a Licensed Mover

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How can I become a licensed mover?

Becoming a Licensed Mover

If you will be moving household goods on a regular basis, you must first have a commercial driver's license (CDL). Next, you will need to register as a common carrier, and obtain authority to transport household goods. If you plan to do this across state lines, the US Department of Transportation Authority can file for you for a flat fee, obtaining your US Department of Transportation authorization number and your motor carrier license number.

Once this authority is established, you can go through the Single State Registration System on the same site to pay a fee to 38 participating states for each vehicle you will operate in their state during that year.

Before you begin doing moving jobs, you will also need to obtain liability insurance of at least $750,000 (more if you transport hazardous materials). Finally, you must publish a "tariff" (schedule of rates) which must include any charge you plan on assessing from a customer.



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