Trade Show Shipping

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How can I get my goods to a trade show?

Trade Show Shipping

A trade show can be vital to the success of your business. Of course you've put a lot of thought into the materials you'll be presenting and handing out, and into your visual setup on the show floor. However, if those things don't get there in time, you may find yourself standing behind a folding table handing out your business card to those few people who do stop by.

Some companies specialize in trade show shipping, and understand the importance of deadlines and working with show venues. You can help your shipper succeed by having everything ready on time -- no last-minute changes! -- and having a rock-solid plan for the space you'll be using.

One element to consider is the visual presentation of your shipping crates. Even simple wooden crates can be made to stand out on the show floor, promoting your business and keeping your displays from going astray. Paint them with your logo, and make sure they look new and sharp.

Properly label and count your shipment, and be sure your shipper and the venue have emergency contact numbers for your organization in case of problems with your display.



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