Military Moves

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I'm in the military and just got my orders. How fast can I move my family to my new location?

Military Moves

When a U.S. service member is reassigned to a new station, the government will hire a contractor to pack and ship the service member's personal goods, up to a certain weight. If your household goods exceed the weight limit, you will have to reimburse the government for moving them.

If you would rather move your own goods or hire a private company to ship equipment or personal items, the government will pay you what it would have paid the contractor. Be sure to get approval from the base personal property office before arranging your own move.

If storage is required at your destination -- that is, if you do not yet have permanent housing lined up -- the government move may be your least expensive option.

It should be noted that household goods do not include pets. In a government move, up to two pets (dogs and cats only) will be shipped at the service member's expense.



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