Shipping Musical Instruments

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I have a large musical instrument. How can I ship it?

Shipping Musical Instruments

Musicians, particularly those who play large instruments, face special shipping challenges. Not only is a tuba or bassoon vulnerable to damage in transit, but they are also sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. In addition, some instruments, such as floor harps, are too big to be shipped in standard parcels and do not lend themselves easily to being broken down into pieces for shipping.

If you cannot transport a musical instrument yourself, ask questions of the shipper about how it will be packed and sent. If you are packing an instrument, follow the same procedures you would for any sensitive shipment, with extra layers of padding and "Fragile" labels.

When you are receiving a wooden or stringed instrument, allow it to spend at least 24 hours acclimating to the temperature and humidity in your home or studio before playing it.



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