Promote Your Shipping Company in an Open Market

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What is a good way to effectively promote my shipping company on the Web?

Promote Your Shipping Company in an Open Market

One way to promote your shipping company is through open market Web sites. These Web sites are places where shipping companies and those who need shipping service can come together and negotiate a price that is acceptable for both sides.

These Web sites allow those who need an item(s) shipped to place a listing and then potential moving companies will make a proposal on how much they would need to be paid for the service. The person looking for a shipping company will then choose a bid and the transaction will be set up.

A few things to keep in mind:

- Such Web sites do charge a small portion of the amount you receive, but it is necessary for them to keep their doors open.

- You may have to place a bid for an amount lower than what you would normally charge, but it is a good way to get your services and shipping company seen by those who are in the market for them immediately or to fill up extra space on a route you will be taking anyway.

- A shipper might be inclined to base more value on the quality of service you will give them and your overall satisfaction rating, rather than grabbing the lowest bid.



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