Planning Trips to Save Money & Bring in Business

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How can I plan my shipping trips to save on money & help bring in more business?

Planning Trips to Save Money & Bring in Business

There are many ways to plan a trip and various routes that a shipping company can map out for each trip.

Putting together a route to follow for multiple stops on the same trip or by scheduling all of your stops for a week on two or three specific days, may help your shipping company save on gas (which will save money), time (which will allow you to schedule more shipments per week), and hourly driver pay (which will also help to save money).

Planning a specific route in advance will give you the opportunity to place stops in an order that will allow you to make the most out of that one trip. By saving money, you will be able to pass a portion of these savings on to the customer, which will lower your prices and help to bring in new business.



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