Save Money & Time When Planning Trips

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How can I save money and time when planning a trip?

Save Money & Time When Planning Trips

When planning a trip, remember to plan for rush hour traffic, and take turnpikes when you are on a time schedule or when you are in an area when gas is higher than average.

If you hit a city or large town during rush hour, it could take a chunk out of the time you have set aside to make your rest stops. Popular highways often times have stand-still traffic at the peak of rush hour, especially if there as been an accident. Try to take a less popular highway if you find yourself near in a large town or city during rush hour or try to avoid towns or cities at this time altogether.

Turnpikes cost money, but they can also be a better option for those who are on a tight time schedule or when taking a longer, free route would be just as expensive due to gas prices in the area. In these cases toll roads can actually save you money.

You may also want to plan your route so that you can fill up at gas stations that have low gas prices (compared to other gas stations in the area). You can find out where these may be by using a Web site such as, and plan your trip around them. This idea can also help you save money.



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