Packing a Freight Shipment

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How should I pack my freight shipment?

Packing a Freight Shipment

If your goods are going in one or more boxes, be sure the boxes are new before you ship boxes; corrugated cardboard loses some of its strength with each use. If you need to use a printed or previously used box, be sure to remove or obscure any labels and bar codes.

Pack a minimum of two inches of cushioning material around each side of an item -- three inches for fragile items or cases where you're using polystyrene "peanuts," which tend to settle during shipping.

Wooden crating provides the best protection during shipping and is recommended for fragile, antique, or valuable items.

For large boxes and shipments with many items, your best solution may be a wooden pallet with the shipment loaded on top and wrapped securely with plastic overwrap.

All items should have addresses and telephone numbers clearly marked for both the shipper and receiver.



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