Packing for Your Move

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How can I best organize the packing process?

Packing for Your Move

It may be tempting to rush through your house and throw as much as you can into boxes. A few minutes of planning, though, will save you hours of wondering where your socks are later on. Here are some tips to proper packing:

-- Label, label, label. Describe each box's contents and their destination. When time gets tight, it is tempting to start writing "Misc. Stuff" on every box. Don't give in. Keep labeling.

-- Pack one room at a time. That will help with labeling and if you have extra stuff from one room, you can label that particular box Bedroom: Misc.

-- Heavy items (books are the most common culprit) go in small boxes.

-- Double-box fragile items with more padding than you think you need.

-- Don't apply tape to painted or finished wood surfaces. Cover them with a layer of cardboard before taping.



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