Shipping Arcade Games

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How can I ship an arcade game?

Shipping Arcade Games

First, take photographs of the game to document the condition in which you shipped it.

Next, be sure the inside of the game is fully secure. Particularly, make sure the monitor is firmly in place, protected against breakage and slippage. Secure loose parts and anything that could come loose in transit and damage the game.

Tuck and tape the power cord inside, and be sure the coin door cannot come open accidentally. Wrap the game thoroughly with shrink-wrap (not food wrap, but the more durable kind sold for shipping) and use cardboard in between layers of shrink-wrap for extra protection. Give corners an extra layer of cardboard, as they are the most likely places for damage. Use several layers of wrap to be sure nothing can get in and scratch the surface in transit. Pinball games can sometimes be encased in a modified refrigerator box, with the legs wrapped separately.

Label the game with a packing list including all parts, the location of the keys, the pickup and delivery addresses, and phone numbers for sender and receiver.



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